Adigo Strengthens Conferencing Security Features

Adigo Inc. (Booth 720) announces it recently beefed up the security features of its conferencing service available for sale through its channels.

The conference lock feature alone isnt robust enough, says Adigo CEO John Finestone, of the commonly used technique of preventing unauthorized callers into a teleconference. Instead, he says Adigo offers a suite of security options that can be used in combination for a multilayered approach to securing a conference call from trespassers.

As of Aug. 1, Adigo customers have up to six levels of call security a first in the industry, Finestone says. In a marketplace with a lot of providers, going with a company that takes security seriously can be an important differentiation for the channel, he adds.

Three advanced security features can be initiated via DTMF phone commands or through AdigoMC, a Web-based call control interface. They include ConferenceLock, which allows a host to block additional participants from joining a call; RollCall, which plays each participants name as it was recorded when they initially joined the call; and Call Security Passcode, which allows a host to add an impromptu security code at a conference calls initiation.

Proprietary security features, which are controlled and managed through AdigoMC include Individual Security Codes, which the host can establish for each participant; Caller ID Tracking, which allows a host to view the caller ID of each participant and disconnect unidentified participants with a simple point and click; and TrespassControl, which allows a host to click on a participants name to hear his or her recorded name and disconnect unrecognized participants with a simple point and click.

These new features are included in the per-minute rate for the conferencing service. Partners are compensated as a percentage of monthly recurring revenue. Plan pricing varies by term and volume.

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