XO Targets Residential-Focused CLECs Wanting to Move Off RBOC Facilities

XO Communications Inc.s Wholesale Local Voice services platform now can help CLECs serving residential customers transition off of the RBOCs UNE-P, and instead use central office and transport services from XO to deliver telephone services.

CLECs using the XO services typically will save between 15 and 30 percent compared to what they would spend through long-term deals with the RBOCs, says Don MacNeil, executive director of carrier services at XO Communications.

Through the service, XO provides GR303 concentration, as well as access to DLCs to allow CLECs to activate, deactivate and troubleshoot copper on an as-needed basis, says MacNeil.

One of the big driving forces [that XO is using to appeal to CLECs is giving them] the ability to tap into metallic loop testing without having to call me, he adds.

The XO platform provides a pre-determined block of capacity for telephone lines and a physical connection for transporting voice traffic from the XO collocation facility to the competitive providers voice switch. Competitive service providers will need to provision local loops to their customers, but the platform eliminates the need for competitive providers to build costly switching facilities in every central office to provide services to their customers.

Wholesale Local Voice from XO is available in 30 major PoPs through more than 950 colocation facilities in 70 metropolitan markets across the United States.

As the largest independent national local exchange carrier, XO can offer CLECs a more cost-effective facilities-based alternative to the Bells UNE-P platform, says Ernie Ortega, president of carrier sales at XO Communications. By utilizing our national facilities-based network, competitive providers in the residential market can continue to provide their customers with an alternative to the local telephone companies.

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