SNET DG Adds Intrusive OCN Service to Product Line

SNET DG, a provider of SS7 intelligent network and database services, has added the intrusive operating company number (OCN) service to its product line.

The service helps carriers avoid unbillable calls by preventing call completion if the carrier does not have a billing relationship with a particular local service provider.

SNET DG says the intrusive OCN service is best for long-distance providers who have callers dialing 10-10 numbers. Our intrusive data gateway product enhancement allows for screening of the 1010XXXX calls, and allows the carrier the option to complete the call or terminate it, says Kelli Gracy, product manager at SNET DG.

The intrusive OCN service is available to carriers using SNET DGs ISUP Gateway Service for message signaling. During call processing, SNET DG will suspend the ISUP message and perform a query on the originating number to determine the OCN. SNET DG then will screen for allowable OCNs, either allowing the ISUP message to continue to the termination point, or telling the carriers switch there is no billing relationship. The carrier then decides whether to allow the call; if not, a recorded message tells the caller why the call cannot be completed.

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