VoiceLog E911 Alert Released in Time for July 29 Deadline

Third-party verification provider VoiceLog LLC has released E911Alert, a service it says meets new FCC requirements for notifying VoIP users about the status of their E911 access.

New rules go into effect on July 29 that require VoIP carriers connecting with the PSTN to notify subscribers of any limitations to their E911 service, including where and under what conditions it might not be available. VoIP carriers must prove customers have received and understand the information.

The requirement is separate from but related to the FCCs mandate that VoIP carriers provide E911 service by late November.

Getting affirmative acknowledgement from every customer is an incredible challenge, says Larry Leikin, vice president at VoiceLog. Fortunately, with our integrated platform we can mount a campaign that will get a response from every customer willing to respond.

VoiceLogs E911 Alert starts with an automated outbound call that plays a message, then asks for confirmation of receipt and understanding. Options include voice recording of the customers response, an inbound number to call back with a response, live agent failover and Internet integration.

VoiceLog says it is charging less than 10 cents per call for the service.

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