Intrado Deploys VoIP E911 in New York City

Service bureau Intrado Inc. said today it has deployed new infrastructure throughout New York City so VoIP service providers there can provide E911 service for their subscribers.

Intrado says New York City is the starting point for a nationwide rollout of its FCC-compliant VoIP E911 solution.

Intrados technology, V9-1-1 Mobility Service, lets VoIP operators route their subscribers’ 911 calls into the wireline E911 network because it delivers instructions on how to route the call, as well as the callers address to the PSAP; it features a series of meet me points to facilitate 911 network access; and local 911 selective router connectivity delivers the call.

In addition to working with New York City officials, Intrado also coordinated its VoIP E911 service introduction with local 911 service provider Verizon Communications Inc.

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