Covad Looks to Samsung for Line-Powered Voice Equipment

Covad Communications Group Inc. said this week it has chosen Samsung Telecommunications America as the provider of new central office equipment for Covad’s line-powered voice access. The technology enables Covad to offer basic local and long-distance voice services, along with high-speed Internet and, eventually, video over DSL.

Line-powered voice access combines the usability of traditional phone service with the features of VoIP. It remains operational during a power outage and supports E911 calling.

Covad is using Samsung’s Multi-Service Access Gateway technology in its DSL broadband network. The platform will let Covad further deploy VoIP services and advanced high-speed broadband services such as ADSL2+ and G.SHDSL. ADSL2+ provides higher ADSL speeds at greater distances. G.SHDSL is the next generation of SDSL providing higher symmetrical speeds at greater reaches.

The Samsung Multi-Service Access platform enables line-powered voice by taking an analog voice signal from a basic telephone and converting it into digital form at Covads central office where the Samsung gateway is located. The digital signal then is transported over Covad’s broadband network and terminated to VoIP networks or the PSTN.

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