news Says Milestone Reached in Cable Telephony

Marking what the organization called a milestone in the delivery of cable telephone service, the Internet Protocol Detail Record Organization ( has announced successful IPDR Compliant status by three member companies: Amdocs, ARRIS and BigBand Networks.

The companies demonstrated IPDR v3.5 and the DOCSIS 2.0 OSSI interoperability to support usage monitoring and value-based billing for the SIP-based IP telephone service, announced.

It is [an] important milestone in the operational ease of offering cable telephony service that these three market leaders using disparate systems were able to demonstrate their interoperability using the IPDR Streaming Protocol, said President Kelly Anderson in a news release.

CableLabs, the research and development consortium promoting cable telecommunications technologies, adopted the IPDR Streaming Protocol as a mandatory component within its DOCSIS 2.0 specification.

IPDR Streaming Protocol will allow for cost-effective, streamlined data collection to back-office systems while optimizing system resources and offering enterprises increased operational agility, helping cable operators move toward an integrated customer management strategy, said Tal Givoly, Amdocs chief scientist and board member.

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