VoX Chooses Global Crossing VoIP Services

Global Crossing Ltd. is providing its VoIP Outbound Service and VoIP Local Service to VoX Communications, a services provider deploying wholesale, residential and business VoIP services throughout the country.

VoX is a wholly owned subsidiary of eLEC Communications Corp.

“We selected Global Crossing as a network partner because of its global reach and proven network performance, as well as sophisticated feature sets that interest our customers,” said Mark Richards, president of VoX Communications, in a statement.

Global Crossing VoIP Outbound Service enables IP Transit, public Internet and IP VPN connectivity, giving carriers unlimited VoIP local services and VoIP toll-free connection options. The local product is a direct inward dial service that provides local origination for nationwide local numbers through one IP point of interconnection, eliminating traditional TDM, private line and foreign exchange service fees.

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