FCC Not Finished with VoIP 911 Rules

Taking your landline phone on the road is one of the cool features of Internet-based phone service, but it also is creating a headache for regulators who want to ensure emergency operators know where a distressed caller is located.

The FCC plans to do something about it.

In an order released Friday requiring Internet phone providers to deliver enhanced 911 capabilities, the FCC also sought comment on solutions that would connect emergency operators to the whereabouts of callers located outside their home or office.

Today, Internet phone carriers or providers of voice over Internet Protocol — rely on the customer to let them know where they have taken their calling equipment. If an investment banker on a business trip in Beijing doesnt let his Internet phone provider know his whereabouts, the paramedics could show up at his door in New Jersey.

The FCC wants to make sure that doesnt happen.

We intend in a future order to adopt an advanced E911 solution for interconnected VoIP that must include a method for determining a users location without assistance from the user as well as firm implementation deadlines for that solution, the agency stated in the order.

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