U.S. Wireless, Lightyear Sign Exclusive Agreement

U.S. Wireless Online Inc., a fixed wireless broadband network operator, has made a three-year wholesale marketing agreement with CLEC Lightyear Network Solutions LLC.

In return, Lightyear will exclusively promote and sell U.S. Wireless Onlines broadband service to its business customers in U.S. Wireless Online’s network coverage area.

The contract calls for Lightyear to sell a minimum of 1,000 business-class wireless broadband circuits during the first year of the agreement, a minimum of 2,500 during the second year, and a minimum of 4,000 during the third year. If Lightyear meets the minimum sales numbers, executives estimate the agreement will generate approximately $16.5 million in annualized revenue by the end of the third year.

U.S. Wireless Online says it also plans to deploy new transmitters in a number of markets.

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