Plan Filters Debuts Cell Phone Plan

Telecom agents now have a software tool to compare and optimize cell phone plans. Plan Filters Inc., a new company formed from software developers and telecom sales agents and a show sponsor, has introduced its Cell Plan Filter wireless quote tool.

The solution lets agents enter information gathered from customer invoices and generate multiple quotes based on different criteria.

It analyzes usage patterns of customers to output the right cell phone plan for individual or shared groups of cell phone users, which helps agents mitigate costly overage charges on voice and data services for their customers.

Every [telecom agent] we spoke to commented that they were using an Excel spreadsheet to generate their quotes, comments Dan Wellisch, co-founder of Plan Filters Inc. We knew we could develop a tool that gave the agents the ability to generate multiple quotes with different parameters in an effort for the agent to recommend the most effective solution for their clients.

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