Wholesale Carrier Services Taps Info Directions

Billing vendor Info Directions (Booth 512), a show sponsor, has announced that Wholesale Carrier Services Inc. (Booth 226) has implemented its CostGuard.Net software to manage OSS/BSS functions for its wholesale communications business.

Wholesale Carrier Services, of Boca Raton, Fla., replaced its previous billing system to automate workflow capabilities, reduce manual activities and create a faster order-to-billing process, according to Info Directions.

With CostGuard.Net, we have reduced our billing costs by 40 percent and cut our billing production days in half, says Wholesale Carrier Services President and CEO Chris Barton. With a robust EBPP engine and customer care interface, our clients enjoy a more professional, user-friendly billing experience.

Info Directions says a rating engine provides Wholesale Carrier Services a tool to compare pricing plans for clients. Wholesale Carrier Services, which packages a combination of carrier networks, also is using a Web interface to support its channel sales network.

Info Directions not only delivered a quality OSS/BSS solution, its technical expertise and experience in the market added tremendous value throughout the implementation process, Barton says. With the addition of CostGuard.NET, we now have the flexibility and scalability we need to support the aggressive growth path we have planned for this organization and for our customers.

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