T@G Rolls Out All-New Online Training Certification Program

PHONE+ along with its T@G Partner Portal has partnered with IPx Connect and Telecom Solution Center to deliver comprehensive training for converged channel partners.

Certification can add tremendous value to your agency, says PHONE+ Group Publisher Marla Ellerman. It validates your training and experience, gives you credibility with customers and vendors, and positions you as a leader in a fast-changing field all of which impact your bottom line.

The T@G Channel Partners Certification program offers students essential skills in three critical areas: technology, telemanagement and sales.

Each track includes instructor-led online training modules and course materials offering basic to advanced skills designed to outfit channel partners with the information they need to be more productive and successful in the field.

Agents can earn:

T@G Professional Certification by taking the first two modules in each track.

T@G Specialist Certification by completing all modules in a single track.

T@G Expert Certification by completing all modules in the program.

Instruction is delivered by experienced online training companies. IPx Connect is a leading provider of TIAs Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) training and has successfully trained hundreds of students on convergence technologies. Telecom Solution Center is the parent company of TeleManage Training, specializing in telecom management training; Teledge Group, a telecom invoice and inventory management consulting company; and the Association of Telecom Management Professionals (AOTMP), an end-user membership organization offering certification programs and a telecom management knowledge base.

Attend this mornings introductory session to find out how this all-new Web-based training and certification program can give your agency an edge. In each of three one-hour presentations, agents can meet the instructors, review the program and curriculum, and sign up to be among the first to become card-carrying professional telecommunications sales partners. Carriers and master agents also can attend to find out how to outsource baseline training to the TAG certification team.

Agents with previously issued T@G certificates are eligible to receive a discount toward the new certification training.

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