TeleGea Launches VoIP OS

TeleGea Inc. has launched its open-source software platform, the TeleGea VoIP Operating System (OS).

The company says New Global Telecom is the latest carrier to deploy the application, using it to meet demand for its hosted VoIP service, 6DegreesIP, for resellers and end users.

The TeleGea VoIP OS acts as a central, intermediary software layer, providing functions that bridge all applications and hardware operations. Like computer operating systems, the TeleGea VoIP OS is divided into three logical layers. For example, the application layer provides a standard platform for the deployment, management and growth of VoIP applications. Meanwhile, the VoIP layer contains the processing, security and management capabilities, and links between the network hardware and applications. Finally, the hardware abstraction layer provides plug-and-play equipment compatibility through VoIP OS-certified products

TeleGea says its VoIP OS helps hosted VoIP service providers save money and open new reseller channels.

The software is certified with a number of platforms, including those made by BroadSoft Inc., Sylantro, VocalData and Cisco Systems Inc.

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