Session Addresses How to Protect Your Brand through QoS

Nothing can sully a brand as quickly as a bad customer experience. So CompTel/ASCENT today is presenting a session entitled QoS: Protecting Your Brand.

Session panelist Barry Kantner, who is vice president of marketing at World Wide Packets, says service providers need the correct quality of service mechanisms in the network to enable services at the level customers expect. That includes adequate bandwidth and QoS mechanisms that deal with congestion in the network, which can cause traffic loss or increased latency. For VoIP, its about traffic loss and latency, he says.

Kantner adds that it doesnt take a lot of subscriber services on VoIP to really create a problem in the network.

VoIP is not anywhere close to being a broadband application, but it can suffer quite a lot if you dont have the QoS to support it, says Kantner of World Wide Packets, which sells an Ethernet service delivery access network solution called LightningEdge.

Panelist Nathan Nelson, vice president of technology and strategic development at OSS company Vero Systems Inc. (Booth 200), agrees.

Nelson will discuss how to ensure good voice quality whether the traffic flows over IP, TDM or cellular networks.

According to Nelson, there are two aspects of how to measure the quality of voice. One is objective QoS, which addresses things like jitter and latency. The second, he says, is how you blend that with data like mean opinion scores (MOS) and perceptual quality scored metrics (PQSM).

Ultimately, what matters is the carriers ability to complete a call and offer clear service on that call, says Nelson. Those are things that matter to carriers.

Alaric Silveria, CTO of VoxPath Networks Inc. is also scheduled to appear on the panel.

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