C-CAMS Contract Extended

Web conferencing company iLinc Communications has renewed the C-CAMS Inc. (Booth 102) contract for the company it recently bought, Glyphics Communications audio conferencing division. C-CAMS, which integrates CRM, provisioning and workflow management, billing and accounts receivable into one software package, has worked with Glyphics since 1997.

Glyphics started as a long-distance reseller, then morphed into an audio conferencing company, and now has expanded to include Web conferencing since it was purchased by iLinc.

C-CAMS says the contract renewal means it can help iLincs Web conferencing operations interface with the companys new audio conferencing capabilities, and vice versa.

When Glyphics bought C-CAMS software in 1997, Glyphics was a long-distance reseller, Brandon Wilson, COO of C-CAMS explains. Web conferencing wasnt even a spark in an engineers synapse yet. But here we are, eight years later, and our software continues to migrate effortlessly with each new voice and data technology be it Internet, Wi-Fi, cellular, Web conferencing or VoIP.

C-CAMS software also integrates with UNE, UNE-P, TCSI processing, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, CDPD, GPRS, SMS, HSCSD, NENA 2, CDR, IPDR and DDR rating, taxation interface and LNP conversions. The company says its software also features modules that cover customer care, account maintenance, service order processing, provisioning, lite-client field service, workflow management, rating, commissioning, billing, point of sale and accounts receivable. This lets customer service reps directly provision services in seconds, C-CAMS says.

The C-CAMS technology originates all customer, account, service and workflow activity in billing, which means every billable event is captured and reported as soon as a customers services are deployed. Automatic operation and reporting capabilities allow users to verify revenue flow from network activity to the customers final invoice.

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