WilTel Offers Wholesale Managed EWAN Service

WilTel Communications (Booth 122) at this weeks show is introducing a wholesale version of its Managed EWAN service. With WilTels Managed EWAN, carriers can provide their customers with a fully managed, end-to-end, nationwide transparent LAN.

The solution is highly scalable, offering fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet interfaces. WilTel-deployed and managed equipment from Overture Networks on the customer premises with native Ethernet interfaces can support Ethernet circuits up to 1gbps in flexible 1mbps increments.

The solution also provides customers direct Ethernet access to WilTels dedicated Internet access and MPLS IP VPN services, enabling a cost-effective means of aggregating numerous services over one access facility.

Managed EWAN lets carriers provide their customers with efficient, multipoint configurations, including point-to-point Ethernet (E-Line) and multipoint Ethernet (E-LAN). Because Managed EWAN is an extension of WilTels EWAN service, it can interwork with legacy frame relay and ATM protocols.

The lack of cost-effective, feature rich, end-to-end wide-area transparent LAN services has hindered enterprise IT managers from reaping the benefits of Ethernet in network solutions outside the LAN, says Tony Tomae, senior vice president of marketing for WilTel. WilTels Managed EWAN addresses that issue by offering enterprises a protocol-agnostic, completely managed Ethernet solution with a variety of flexible pricing options. The solution simplifies enterprise network management because anyone who could manage their companys Ethernet LAN can now also manage their WAN.

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