Sandy Beaches Softwares InTELEflow Streamlines Operations

Sandy Beaches Software (SBS, Booth 809) this week debuts InTELEflow, a workflow escalation management module.

This product is an add-on to the already robust, yet affordable, billing and customer care software, InTELEbill, says SBS lead developer Scott Roberts. Clients will define the events, players needed to carry out events, and acceptable timelines for each event. We estimate the integrated escalation system could add to an organizations efficiency tenfold.

SBS President Jeff Lytle adds, Whether it is a trouble ticket, adding a new service for an existing customer, or a collections follow-up, InTELEflow gets the right people involved and ensures timely completion of mission-critical items. Things wont fall through the cracks because accountability is built in. The escalation process is a key component to the system. If an event isnt handled, or is stuck somewhere, higher levels of management will be notified to resolve the issue.

The latest version of InTELEbill has an improved commission module that provides more flexibility regarding the way types of traffic and recurring charges are grouped and paid. Another notable enhancement is the ability to implement marketing messages at the account level. These messages will prove to be a valuable tool for ICPs as they introduce new services to their existing customer base. Criteria for the messages may be filtered on any field associated with the account. Clients are able to create and preview messages on the fly prior to printing, says Lytle.

In accordance with recent California legislation, invoice backers within InTELEbill are also now definable at the account level. We enhanced this portion of the product at no cost to our customers so that they could remain compliant with the California PUC. This demonstrates again SBS commitment to quickly adapting to changes in the industry without penalizing our clients, says Lytle.

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