Consumer Cellular Expands Private-Label Program

Consumer Cellular Inc. (Booth 329), one of the largest wireless resellers in the United States, is expanding its private-label program by rolling out Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) service to its growing list of wholesale partners. The service operates on the combined GSM network of Cingular and AT&T Wireless.

With our new GSM service, we give clients more than just the ability to offer wireless, says John Marick, president of Consumer Cellular. We give them the ability to offer a state-of-the-art network and cutting-edge equipment that puts them on equal footing with virtually any rival. Its an exciting breakthrough for the competitive industry.

GSM, as the worlds dominant wireless phone standard, supports an array of inexpensive equipment options, including camera phones, Consumer Cellular says. But, says the company, perhaps the key advantage of GSM is subscriber identity management (SIM) cards, the postage stamp-sized smart cards that identify the user on the network and store personal information. SIM cards allow users to switch phones by removing the card from one handset and inserting it in another.

Consumer Cellular has been reselling wireless service at the retail level for 10 years. The company launched its wholesale program early last year, in response to strong demand among telcos for private-label wireless service. The program allows service providers to add wireless to their product lists while avoiding the huge upfront fees and volume commitments typically required by national carriers, Consumer Cellular says.

Telecom companies clearly recognize the need to offer wireless but usually hit a brick wall when they start talking to major carriers about a resale contract, says Marick. With our program, rather than hitting a wall, clients are greeted by a helping hand. It can make all the difference.

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