Sandy Beaches Softwares InTELEbill Primed for Facilities-Based Migration

Anticipating the flood of small to midsize CLECs migrating from UNE-P to a facilities-based model, Sandy Beaches Softwares latest release of InTELEbill caters to their needs.

The already flexible InTELEbill rating engine now encompasses a three-tier approach to include the origination, transport, and termination legs from the operating company. We enhanced other features to support facilities-based CLECs, including: number-management functionality, directory information and hunt-group tracking. Hardware and equipment information is also more robust in the latest InTELEbill release, says lead InTELEbill developer Scott Roberts. In an effort to provide the small to mid sized CLEC with tools needed for growth and success, we are also finishing work on a CABS module.

The Bells may have created the demise of UNE-P, but our customers are not going to roll over and play dead, says SBS President Jeff Lytle. Many of them are moving to a facilities-based model and InTELEbills latest version will help them to continue to be grow and remain profitable.

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