PAETEC Gives Customers New Tools

PAETEC Communications Inc. (Booth 419), a CLEC serving customers in 27 U.S. markets, announced a wholesale package the company describes as regulatory-resistant.

The offering combines special access with integrated services, including integrated T1s, email scanning, conference calling, MPLS and quality of service. In addition, the company provides tools to help resellers manage and grow their businesses. These include a loop quote tool and WebFront, an online customer service portal.

Under the old regulatory rules, CLECs were allowed to lease UNEs from large local phone companies for their own use at reduced wholesale prices. Those rules have changed following recent court decisions. PAETEC says it is sheltered from these changes because it purchases special access service which was not affected by the recent changes to UNE regulations from the ILEC to make the connection between the customer premises and the nearest PAETEC PoP.

Were in a position to acquire business intelligently and then use our internal tools to help our customers grow their business, says E.J. Butler, co-COO for PAETEC. A great example is our new wholesale quoting tool, which can provide local-loop pricing in seconds, even if a customer has 1,500 loops to price.

The tool, available to PAETEC customers via its WebFront application, allows customers to enter NPA-NXX information and receive a local-loop price quote virtually instantaneously. The program also is designed for batch uploads that give customers the ability to access a spreadsheet from their desktop and have the tool provide hundreds if not thousands of loop pricing quotes at once.

Some have questioned special access, but weve made it work, Butler says. While we cannot speak to the issues and financial implications facing UNE providers as a whole, we are confident that PAETECs profitable business plan, particularly our wholesale cost structure, is insulated from this period of uncertainty.

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