How to Deliver VoIP Wholesale

VoIP is the here and now, and competitive carriers are looking at the numerous ways to make money from this exploding technology. But theres a lingering question as to whether it is profitable to deliver VoIP in a wholesale model. Todays session, featuring PHONE+ Telecom Division Group Editor Khali Henderson and speakers Rich Grange, president and CEO of New Global Telecom; Deb Lenart, president and CEO of Callipso; and Shawn Lewis, president and CEO of Volo Communications, will address the wholesale business model.

The group will break the presentation into three parts: VoIP demand and applications; financials; and delivery.

For the first section, New Global Telecom will talk about the different markets for VoIP and the forecasted demand. Grange also will answer the question of whether there is a threshold level of broadband penetration that justifies VoIP rollout.

Callipsos Lenart will discuss whether there is a killer VoIP application and comment on the potential of various applications.

Finally, Volos Lewis plans to address how carriers can establish VoIP target markets and appropriate service portfolios.

For the financials discussion, Callipso will analyze whether VoIP is rapidly becoming a race toward lowest price. Volo will point out the key build versus buy considerations for packet telephony. And New Global Telecom will look at the VoIP service elements that carriers should focus on to meet their core business strategies. New Global Telecoms Grange also will help service providers define what to look for when choosing a VoIP wholesaler.

Panelists will conclude by talking about VoIP delivery. Callipsos Lenart will talk about how to develop and manage SLAs for customers when using a wholesaler. She adds that it also is important to develop a strategy and the appropriate partner relationships to deliver enhanced IP services. The most important thing for the audience to learn is how to follow their customer, says Lenart. That is, understanding where their customer wants to go and [looking] for vendor relationships that support that demand.

Grange will show carriers how to manage support requirements such as OSS, order management and billing when using a wholesaler, and Lewis will talk about the most successful VoIP sales strategies in the market today.

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