DCA Services Offers Consulting, Auditing, Online Reporting

DCA Services Inc. (Booth 201), a service bureau for OSS and billing administration, will offer consulting, auditing services and online reporting tools as part of its service contract.

DCA Services says it will perform an operational audit during the implementation phase at no additional charge to the customer, and if needed, the company will continue consulting and training throughout its relationship with the customer. Consulting services include rate, billing, accounts receivable, fee and surcharge and database analysis.

Depending upon the size of the client and the extent to which that client implements our recommendations, our clients have been able to uncover $20,000 to $60,000 in monthly revenue, as well as realize improved cash flow and more streamlined operational processes, says DCA Services President Joe Webb.

DCA also can compare its clients retail rates with wholesale rates, evaluate their monthly recurring charges to see whether they match industry standards and examine call detail records to help them recover revenue resulting from unbilled calls.

Rejected or unbillable call records pose a tremendous revenue loss for clients, Webb says. Unbilled calls that are more than 120 days old often result in lost revenue since its difficult to charge an end-user for an aged call. Webb says, Our billing analysis provides clients with the training and reporting they need to identify rejected calls and avoid them in the future.

During consultation, the company provides customers with a Web portal to grant them access to reports that will help clients perform daily analysis of their billing, back office and accounts receivable operations.

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