CIMCO Services Address Network Security

In an effort to address the growing network security concerns of corporations, CIMCO Communications Inc. is offering a suite of new services to fight viruses, spam and unwanted content. CIMCO SecureBiz Email Security Services, managed by CIMCO security experts, free up internal IT resources for more strategic projects.

The problems of spam and viruses no longer can be ignored, says Bill Capraro, president and CEO of CIMCO. As the attacks have become more sophisticated, companies need to be prepared for those challenges so they can reduce costs, minimize disruptions and increase employee productivity.

At least 7,000 new viruses, worms and Trojan horses were identified in 2003, costing businesses $13 billion, according to the Computer Research Board. Ferris Research reports spam cost American corporations about $168 per employee in 2003. Spam and viruses together cost businesses $23 billion in lost productivity, interruption of services and wasted or damaged resources.

With round-the-clock technical support, CIMCO SecureBiz Email Security Services give IT executives and network administrators the tools to tackle viruses, spam and unwanted content, the company says. SecureBiz Spam and Content Filtering can block spam before it breaches corporate networks and SecureBiz Virus Protection allows companies to pre-scan all of their incoming e-mail traffic before it enters the LAN environment.

The network security issues that corporations are facing can greatly damage their businesses if they are not prepared to face them. Corporations are looking for answers. CIMCOs new suite of security products prevents security and financial risks to businesses, stops the potential spread of viruses to networks, and frees up bandwidth by stopping spam in its tracks, says Capraro.

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