Xspedius Completes Ethernet Deployment

Xspedius Communications (Booth 504), a leading facilities-based carrier, announced it has deployed Ethernet service throughout its markets.

Xspedius has traditionally delivered Ethernet over SONET to meet the needs of our customers, says Randall P. Muench, senior vice president for sales and marketing for Xspedius Communications. We now offer our customers a complete package for their needs, from state-of-the-art billing, with the ability to bill in increments ranging from 1mbps to 1gbps, to Ethernet transport.

Xspedius says its MetroConneX Ethernet Transport Service gives companies point-to-point Ethernet interfaces, dedicated bandwidth and ring protection and scalability because it can be provisioned in increments of 1mbps.

Xspedius Ethernet Transport Service, because it is Layer 2 and is provided over either SONET or a wavelength, performs no frame or packet processing, thus avoiding routing latencies or jitters associated with Layer 3, according to the company, and dedicated bandwidth ensures 50 milliseconds restoration time for a companys network services, executives say. In the event of any major disruptions in the network, MetroConneX eliminates manual intervention to reduce recovery time.

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