Universal Access Announces Real-Time Pricing, Configuration

Universal Access (Booth 704) is demonstrating a suite of information product offerings, including its latest customer information tool, the Universal Solutions Exchange (USX). The company says its new private line pricing and configuration tool gives customers creative and cost-effective circuit design solutions by accessing data from their information database of over 135 carrier options.

The USX uses off-net and on-net carrier location and pricing information from 135 carriers, gathered over the past seven years, and included in the Universal Information Exchange (UIX). The USX uses this information to provide a real-time circuit configuration and/or market price for any private line circuit requirement, from DS0 to OC192.

The Universal Access USX tool is available in a variety of options based on a customers need, the company says. The price-only version of the USX delivers the best market-based price for a circuit-based on least-cost routing determined from the user input on the circuit (i.e. locations, bandwidth, CLLI, NPA/NXX), while the configuration version of the USX delivers the top 100 circuit design configurations (loop-only, PoP-to-PoP, or end-to-end) based on the user input on the circuit (i.e. locations, bandwidth, CLLI, NPA/NXX).

The tool also can be customized using the Universal Access carrier location and market-based price information as well as any carrier metropolitan service area information provided by the customer.

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