Telution Announces New IP Service Ordering Capabilities

Telution Inc. unveiled a newly developed component of its COMX operations software product today on the show floor at CompTel/ASCENT in Orlando, Florida.

The COMX NextGen IP Portal is a solution developed to support the ordering, provisioning, and sales management of IP-based services that will assist CLECs looking to augment their service offerings with IP-based services, including VoIP.

Recent uncertainty in the regulatory climate has placed more pressure on CLECs focused on maintaining a competitive edge in the industry, says John Konczal, Telutions vice president of product management. CLECs are now looking to migrate to next-generation network technologies like VoIP. The new capabilities found in COMX NextGen IP Portal make IP-based network migrations much simpler, ultimately taking the pain out of a dramatic shift in product/network strategy.

The COMX NextGen IP Portal uses next-generation Web and workflow technology to support the addition of IP-based services into a service providers existing OSS processes and infrastructure through enhanced ordering, provisioning, and sales-management features.

COMX NextGen IP Portal Capabilities:
Flexible product model to support multiple IP-service configurations across voice, video, and data services

Support for next-generation services such as voice over xDSL and integrated voice and data-over-T1 access using softswitch call routing

Configurable Web portal to support customer self-ordering and sales agent ordering models, including real-time service management

Advanced sales and ordering capabilities including real-time quotes

Flow-through provisioning with out-of-the-box transaction schemas and rules to support access provisioning (e.g., T1 ASR), equipment provisioning (e.g., integrated access device), and service provisioning (e.g., class 5 features provisioning to the softswitch layer)

XML-based integration architecture to support seamless integration with existing billing systems or other customer-management systems.

Comprehensive back-office management features, including telephone number management, equipment management and IP address management

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