Ethernet Galore

Ethernet technology from switching to optical transport to edge services is becoming pervasive. Its the primary in-building wired solution, and a candidate for preferred technology in the network. Tomorrows session looks at Ethernet from all sides carrier needs, infrastructure requirements, resale opportunities and enhanced applications the technology makes possible.

Speakers Mark Pugerude, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Broadwing; David Flanary, executive vice president of PointOne; and Thom Sumbler, vice president of OnFiber Communications, will join session leader Chris Hurst, area vice president at Cisco Systems Inc., to discuss Ethernets potential.

Beginning with a basic business case, Pugerude will discuss carrier demand for Ethernet backbone services. The ability to deliver Internet and interoffice communications over one type of infrastructure means deploying these services in a more cost-effective way, with classes of service to boot. For enterprises and carriers, it doesnt matter if youre delivering ATM, private lines, frame relay, what have you, says Pugerude. Ultimately they all terminate to an Ethernet interface in the building. So theres a trend where Ethernet services are really what they want. Its easier to deliver, provision and manage.

From there, Pugerude plans to address the type of network infrastructure necessary to fulfill the demand for delivery of end-to-end Ethernet services, metro and GigE Ethernet options, and resale models for carriers wanting to capitalize on the technology without making large investments in gear.

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