BillSoft Releases EZFile Compliance Filing Tool

BillSoft Inc. recently announced the release of EZFile, a compliance filing solution. The software joins the companys flagship EZTax taxation software, EZGeo and EZData as the latest component in BillSofts Total Tax Solution.

EZFile is designed to simplify the tax filing process for businesses by automatically preparing tax forms for submission to all applicable jurisdictions. It also prints the correct checks and envelopes to accompany the forms, as well as exports critical tax information to accounts payable systems.

Complying with todays tax laws can be a nightmare, says Vicki Klein, president of BillSoft. EZFile really helps them to keep on top of the requirements and make sure they get their forms in on time.

The EZFile system requires very little maintenance or integration, the company says. Its offered as a turnkey system as part of BillSofts Total Tax Solution, or with nearly any other tax system on the market. EZFile works by first importing data from the tax system, then by automatically populating the tax forms.

You cant believe how much time people save-hundreds, even thousands of hours, depending on how large the business is, says Klein. But even small businesses can reap the savings in efficiencies with a product like this.

In initial tests of the software, businesses report that they appreciate the softwares ability to handle multiple filing periods, de minimus amounts, held returns, and future filings.

Klein understands the value. As a former corporate employee herself, she has been challenged in the past with the daunting task of completing mountains of tax forms. This is the first time there has ever truly been a one-stop shop for tax processing. Until now, you could never get this much convenience from a single company.

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