Jasomi Networks Releases New Version of Session Border Controller

Jasomi Networks Inc. on Wednesday unveiled version 3.3 of its PeerPoint line of session border controllers.

"Similar in scope to firewalls, session border controllers allow administrators to define and enforce policies for VoIP signaling and media streams as they cross from one side of a network edge to another," Todd Simpson, chief operating officer of Jasomi Networks, says in a press release. "But unlike firewalls, session border controllers have to exert policy on the six, eight, 10 or more streams that make up a call, none of which are marked as to which call they belong to.

The new version allows the administrator to control PeerPoints interpretation of unknown SIP header fields and bodies, Jasomi Networks says. The 3.3 release also includes new encryption transcoding features for signaling and media streams and enhanced call logging and manageability.

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