Xspedius Launches Burstable Integrated T1

Xspedius Communications LLC (Booth 103) has announced the next evolution of its integrated voice and data service, called Complete Dynamic. Aimed at small to midsized businesses, it offers T1 delivery of Internet and local exchange service; voice and data transmission share available bandwidth, so when voice lines are inactive, data automatically bursts to full bandwidth scale. The service is available through Xspedius agents.

Xspedius is using the PacketStar PSAX 4500 Multiservice Media Gateway from Lucent Technologies to deliver Complete Dynamic.

With our investment in Central Office technology, Complete Dynamic delivers to our customers a comprehensive integrated service that includes local, Internet and long-distance on a single economical T1 circuit, much like our standard integrated product, says Randall Muench, senior vice president for sales and marketing with Xspedius. However, Complete Dynamic enhances our standard service by incorporating a new level of flexibility that allows for allocation of unused bandwidth for data or Internet use when the voice channels are not being used. The result is a much better utilization of the entire T1 than has previously been available.

Xspedius is using its local branch offices to provide customers with technical and maintenance support, in addition to a trained sales staff that customizes services to accommodate clients needs. Complete Dynamic is available in nine of Xspedius markets: Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and Irving, in Texas; Birmingham, Ala.; Nashville; Atlanta; Kansas City; and Tulsa, Okla. The second phase is scheduled for later this year.

Customers will love this product because it truly creates more value, Muench said. When there are no voice calls, the customer can use the entire T1 for data. They are always using what they pay for.

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