WestCom Launches CCX Service

WestCom (Booth 414) a global provider of dedicated private lines, is announcing the launch of its enhanced Cross Connect Express (CCX) platform in four local financial markets: New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston.

Participating customers now will be able to count on WestCom as a local provider to establish new trading relationships within 24 hours of placing the order often in a matter of hours. The company says this is an unprecedented service offering for traders.

The WestCom CCX service currently connects to over 900 financial institutions across the globe. The company delivers all CCX services over a privately managed network allowing it to control all cross-connects. This opportunity provides diversity on local ARDs, uninterrupted maintenance and support, remote testing, and local business continuity and disaster recovery planning options.

Point-to-point data services, a mainstay product of WestCom, are available from DS0 to OC48, and WestCom pays agents on total monthly recurring charges, including interexchange and local loops. Both agents and resellers are supported with marketing materials, proposal generation and back-office tools and staff. Headquartered in New York City, WestCom has affiliated offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and South Carolina to support its channel partners and their enterprise customers.

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