Voicecom Adds Voice Mail Alert Feature to Service

Voicecom, (Booth 316) a provider of call answering solutions for the business-to-business market, announces the addition of the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) feature to complement its residential and business voice mail offerings in seven LATAs. This feature allows users to be alerted to messages in their voice mailboxes by hearing a stuttered or broken dial tone after picking up the phone or seeing a blinking light on the phone handset. MWI is available to Voicecoms wholesale partners in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston and Los Angeles.

MWI can be ordered as a feature with a new service or can be added to an existing service without the end user experiencing any interruption of service. In addition to the MWI feature, Voicecom offers other notification methods including pagers, SMS and message delivery to e-mail. Voicecom will continue to add MWI in other areas based on demand from its wholesale partners.

MWI gives our wholesale partners a level playing field when competing against the Bell companies, says Frank Paterno, director of product management at Voicecom. Previously, the Bells had an added advantage because CLEC companies could not offer MWI, which is a feature many consumers require from a voice mail service. Now, our partners are able to offer consumers what they need and want.

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