Total Call International Touts B2B Program

Total Call International (Booths 325-326) launched a line of B2B solutions nationwide in February. Since the introduction of the new product line, Total Call has further developed relationships both with existing agents as well as exploring new ventures.

The Business-to-Business program gives agents a way to diversify their product offerings and provide them with more revenue streams. Beyond giving them more products to offer, Total Calls program is customizable for each customer making it attractive for small, medium and large businesses.

The feedback we received from our agents and their business customers prompted us to develop a set of solutions that can be combined and manipulated in multiple ways, and yet remain affordable, states Danny Ing, president of Total Call International. There didnt seem to be any solutions out there that were flexible enough for our customers, so we came up with a customizable product line that focuses on what they both need and want. This B2B line also greatly benefits our agents as they win on both fronts, Ing says. They pocket a very aggressive commission and keep their business customers satisfied.

Total Call International offers agents a wide range of products that are backed up by agreements with all T1 carriers. A few of the most popular products for the business-to-business program at Total Call International include: a dedicated voice product, TotalVOICE, which can handle all voice requirements for businesses that typically spend more than $2,000 per month on long-distance calling; a dedicated Internet access offering, TotalDIA, which manages all mission-critical Internet and data requirements, such as Web-hosting, e-mail servers and VPN; and integrated voice and data through TotalIVAD, an integrated circuit that combines both solutions to allow a small or medium business the option of assigning a combination of channels for either voice or data. The company also offers TotalSDSL, a business SDSL connection, and TotalCONFERENCING, an audio solution tailored for the small and medium business that requires conference call interaction between people at various offices or at off-site locations.

The positive response Total Call International has received regarding their business-to-

business program resulted in the expansion of the business-to-business department to accommodate and satisfy inquiries.

The success of any program is only as good as the agent/provider relationship, says Voltaire Hernandez, vice president of sales and marketing at Total Call International. We know that you need both high-quality products as well as solid relationships with agents in order for each program to be successful. The focus, at Total Call International is developing satisfying, long-term partnerships with each agent; offering them generous commissions and providing them with the best possible service.

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