Total Call International Introduces TotalCall IP

Total Call International (Booths 325-326) launches TotalCall IP, a new PC-to-phone product. The most noticeable advantage of routing calls over an IP network is cost savings. However in the past, there was a compromise in the audio quality of the call.

VoIP has been around in the telecommunications arena for years now, but on the consumer level there hasnt been much interest due to the poor and inconsistent quality of the call including latency and inferior audio quality, says Total Call. Even if the service was acceptable to the customer, many found they had to invest in expensive hardware or have a high-speed Internet connection which outweighed the cost savings of VoIP.

Total Call says it has built upon the previous methods of IP telephony, resulting in a call that sounds like it was made on a traditional phone line. TotalCall IP utilizes the latest technology and special software that allows users to make calls from any PC without paying extra for a broadband connection.

TotalCall IP uses a special codec, which compresses and decompresses the data in a way that transports data packets more efficiently even over the public Internet this results in fewer dropped data packets and a clear connection, says the company.

TotalCall IP is available through the companys agent, distributor and affiliate programs.

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