RemotePipes Launches IP-Roamer

RemotePipes Inc. (Booth 520), a leading provider of worldwide mobile Internet access solutions, has entered the production launch phase of its new IP-Roamer service for business, education, government and military organizations along with individuals and other groups of users.

President Eric Engbers says, While dial-up access is extremely economical, ubiquitous and rock-solid as an access method, the wireless broadband world is full of new applications that will make people more productive than ever before. Applications such as near-zero-cost video and VoIP are very disruptive.

The company has been using the new wireless Internet service internally to communicate with customers, vendors and shareholders and during the beta phase of the launch has signed up customers from several countries and most of the United States. Once a customer signs up for the IP-Roamer service, the underlying globally aggregated IP network enables traditional e-mail and data transmission plus value-added services such as near zero cost voice and video phone calls.

Our TollFreeISP global dial-up Internet service has been a big success with our channel partners and we expect even greater success for our IP Roamer channel partners. No telecommunications provider can compete effectively without a wireless Internet access strategy and we look forward to helping many partners to meet this market-driven need, adds Maggie Mitch, director-of channel sales.

Existing TollFreeISP customers will have the option to migrate to the IP-Roamer service.

The IP Roamer Wi-Fi sniffer and multiple access method connectivity software is available now as a free download at The free Wi-Fi finder software will not be active unless a plan is purchased. Access costs are based upon the type of mobile service used and whether the connection originates domestically or internationally.

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