Real Magnet Unveils Anti-Spam Upgrade

Washington, D.C.-based Real Magnet (Booth 620) has developed an e-marketing tool, MagnetMail, to ensure message deliverability. The company says users can create measurable and coordinated e-mail, fax and direct mail campaigns. MagnetMail features include dedicated IP addresses so users do not have to share them, suppression list functionality and the adoption of Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Real Magnet says the suppression list functionality allows clients to use in-house suppression lists in MagnetMail. MagnetMail then blocks any messages addressed to a suppression list member. The company also touts SPF as a way for e-mail senders to validate their identities. Providers such as AOL, Yahoo! and Hotmail planned to implement SPF by the end of July. The technology works by publishing a record to a database containing the IP addresses from which a domain is authorized to send messages. Once the message is delivered, the recipient server looks up the IP address for the domain the message claims to come from and then validates its path. If the records match, the message goes through. If the records do not match, the message is filtered.

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