Pioneer Pioneers Reseller Program

Pioneer Telephone (Booth 609) has introduced Pioneer Express, which provides network, provisioning, billing and regulatory services in a turnkey package. The company says agents using Pioneer Express expedites the start-up process and minimizes the initial costs of becoming a telecom reseller.

Many agents have a very loyal customer base and have enough revenue to make the step of becoming a reseller, says Peter Bouchard, vice president of Pioneer Telephone. However, it is an overwhelming process if you are trying to figure it out alone. … Having started as an agent we can understand first hand the value of program like Pioneer Express.

Agents will receive a package of costs and services for every state in which they want to become certified, Pioneer executives say, adding they will steer agents through the legalities of becoming certified. The company will provide provisioning and billing solutions, including direct billing to end users; Internet billing; billing desktop software; and a range of billing availability, including long-distance, local and VoIP services.

Pioneer Express customers also will receive private licenses of the billing software, enabling them to customize their rates, business office practices, invoice messaging and logos.

Pioneer Telephone says it will offer to buy out a resellers base, too, providing incentive for the new reseller to go out and build business.

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