PAETEC Boosts IP Data Network to Allow

PAETEC Communications Inc. (Booths 203-205), which serves 27 markets nationwide, has added quality of service (QoS) as a customer-enabled prioritization enhancement to its multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) private network.

MPLS was a giant leap into the convergence of voice and data networks, says Jack Baron, chief marketing officer. Now the enhancement of our quality of service completely revolutionizes how a network may be used. Real-time applications such as voice or video over an IP network werent thinkable before, but can now be easily implemented, providing our customers unprecedented productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Using QoS, a customer can designate levels of priority for their traffic over PAETECs MPLS network, the company says, so time-sensitive traffic passes through the network first. Executives add that, while prioritization means everything to the quality of a videoconference or a voice call over IP, the end user will not notice the potential millisecond delay in sending or receiving an e-mail message.

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