Network Security Issues Present Opportunity for Channel

Small and medium businesses want solution providers to help them secure their networks and sensitive business information. Solutions and partnerships can lock up your position in this market.

Everything Ive seen, security is the No. 1 issue that customers are struggling with in the SMB space, says Russell Morgan, president and founder of the Information Technology Solution Providers Alliance (ITSPA), an organization dedicated to helping SMBs adopt technology and grow by using local solution providers to solve business challenges. Morgan is moderating todays panel.

Morgan recommends that solutions providers set up a direct mail campaigns or seminars to get the word out since its top of mind for these companies. The selling point for solutions providers is the ability to bring all the elements device security, firewalls, network management and monitoring and other functions together.

Fundamentally theres an assembly process thats going to occur at the reseller level, he says.

Fortunately for channel partners most of the top companies in the security space Intel, Microsoft, HP and others are bringing more to the table.

Morgan recommends resellers be up to speed on the vendor offers, and outfit the sales force to sell security assessments and follow-on sales of missing components.

Theres a huge value to having someone staying on top of your security all day long, day in and day out, Morgan says of the end-user demand. Security also is an issue that never gets solved. Whatever you do today wont be good three months from now. So, a quarterly review to audit business processes and everything else that has a bearing on the security of the network is a good idea.

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