McGraw Communications Offers VoIP

McGraw Communications, a full-service CLEC and Channel Partners sponsor, has added VoIP to its communications services. McGraw can equip partners and agents with high-quality VoIP services and provide clients with a complete set of telephony features, including remote call forwarding, voice mail and e-mail integration, all from a single IP connection, says the company. McGraw will soon announce VoIP partnerships with major telecom companies.

A profitable full-service telecommunications provider, McGraw provides a full range of products including local, long-distance, data, audio and Web conferencing and private-line circuit. Offering long-distance to 45 states and local service to 11 states, the company delivers service in 3,250 locations nationwide, which represents approximately 20,000 lines.

McGraw has grown 40 percent each year since it was founded in 1996. Building a strong and lasting customer base with a 98 percent client-retention rate, the company attributes its growth to the switchless model. The advantage to the switchless model is that there is no single point of failure and built-in redundancies already exist in McGraws service, the company says.

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