Globalcom Plans to Introduce VoIP Services in Chicago, Milwaukee

Globalcom Inc. (Booth 322) is planning to introduce hosted VoIP services this fall in Chicago and Milwaukee targeting businesses with five to 100 employees.

Jeff Fink, senior vice president of sales, Globalcom, says the product line will be available to two classes of sales agents: traditional telecom agents and companies selling data hardware and services.

Businesses will receive phone service and a dedicated Internet connection at up to 3mbps, Fink says, and Globalcom plans to sell IP phones from Cisco Systems Inc. and Web portal software from VocalData Inc. VocalData announced this summer that Globalcom had purchased its application server to support hosted IP telephony services.

Businesses will have access to a Web portal that will provide many traditional voice features as well as new voice mail/messaging features, Fink says.

Globalcom also plans to release a dynamic T1 service that automatically allocates capacity to the phone and the Internet. Fink says the traditional phone service will include access to the Web portal and is designed for businesses that are seeking IP features but are not ready for the commitment to adopt the technology.

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