Covad Acquires GoBeam

Covad (Booth 110) recently completed its acquisition of GoBeam Inc., a privately owned provider of VoIP solutions to small and medium businesses.

Covad has an aggressive expansion plan for VoIP service availability to more than 100 of the top Metropolitan Statistical Areas in 35 states, which will allow resellers and agents the opportunity to sell VoIP services to millions of potential customers.

At the center of the Covad VoIP solution is a full-feature, hosted PBX solution that offers advanced PBX capabilities without the need to install expensive PBX hardware at the customer locations. In addition, each user gets a unique phone number and an associated Covad Dashboard to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls, voice mails and e-mails with one common interface. Covad VoIP service also allows simple, rapid administration of a companys telecom services, including adding new employees and moving telephone number locations online without the cost of a telecom support department.

In other news, Covad has nearly completed expanding its nationwide coverage area and customer reach for DSL, frame access and T1 broadband services.

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