Conference Group Offers No-Touch Conferencing Setup

The Conference Group (Booth 612), a privately-owned conferencing bureau, is highlighting its recently released Real-time Account Provisioning system.

The system has an on-demand customer interface that allows immediate issuance of conference passcodes to a customer 24 hours a day. To obtain conference call access, the customer completes a short order form, including credit-card information. Upon receiving credit-card approval, the Conference Group issues the conference dial-in number and passcodes. The whole process is completed in minutes and requires neither agent nor operator assistance.

Our agents have embraced our online provisioning tools over the past few years, says Greg Plum, the Conference Groups alternate channel manager. With the introduction of an e-commerce component that will empower our agents clients to gain instant access to a reservationless account, we anticipate a great deal of interest from our existing, as well as new, agents.

Conference Group recently reduced its buy price from 8 cents per minute to 6 cents per minute, which it says is one of the lowest in the industry. That allows the agent to set the retail rate to the client, thus setting their commission. It is paid for the life of the account.

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