BCN Solutions Express Adds Wireless Service

BCN Solutions Express (Booth 313) announced it is now offering nationwide wireless services through its agency program.

BCN Solutions Express is a master agency program underneath BCN Telecom Inc., which has signed distribution agreements with Sprint, Nextel and T-Mobile.

The benefit to the agent is that they can provide phones for customers with nationwide offices, says Ralph Metz, vice president of sales and marketing for the BCN Solutions Express agency program. They have the same power as the direct reps.

In addition, Metz says the three carriers are providing direct sales support to agents without a reduction in commissions. They will help them close the sale, he says, referring to assistance with more complex deals.

Agents are able to sell voice and wireless data services from each of the carriers. For example, agents can offer BlackBerry and Treo PDA/cellular phone equipment and services, GPS (global positioning system) solutions built into phone, wireless credit-card merchant processing applications built into phone, bar-code reading inventory management solutions built into the phone, as well as wireless e-mail and Microsoft Outlook integrated synchronized solutions.

Full product training is provided directly by the carriers.

Metz says average commissions are $108 to $135 per activated subscriber (based upon 2003 average revenue per unit). BCN and carrier complete the provisioning, fulfillment, activation, delivery and customer support. Equipment pricing is the same as at the carriers Web sites or company-owned retail stores. Delivery is guaranteed in one to three business days, activated and ready to use.

BCN Solutions Express says one of the selling points agents have is the addition of a professional rate plan analysis.

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