Agilent Updates acceSS7 for Wireless Inter-Carrier Traffic

Aglilent Technologies Inc. announced at Billing and OSS World 2004 that its revenue assurance solution now allows local exchange carriers in the United States to ensure proper payment for use of their networks to carry wireless intercarrier backhaul traffic. The acceSS7 Interconnect Analysis also lets wireless operators validate interoperator bills from LECs and IXCs.

The solution also is meant to resolve fears many operators have that fees other service providers pay them for transporting and terminating calls do not accurately reflect usage. Interconnect Analysis captures and generates real-time and historical usage data from the SS7 network rather than the switch. A data-mining toolkit allows this core data to be sliced and diced, so the system can measure wireless originating and terminating traffic, assigning call-by-call jurisdiction based on metro transit areas.

Another benefit of the service is the ability to use SS7 information for demographic and marketing purposes: A provider can determine which ring tones are the most popular, or the reliability of downloads. A Web-based portal allows access to the system and data according to end-user defined business rules and job profiles.


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