VoiceLog Releases Study Results

VoiceLog LLC (Booth 420), a third party verification (TPV) provider for telecommunication, utilities and financial services, is celebrating a recent study the company says shows that VoiceLog is the first choice of companies for TPV.

The study, sponsored by FatPipe magazine and conducted by Massachusetts-based survey research firm Primary Point, showed that 52 percent of all respondents and 64 percent of those naming a TPV provider had selected VoiceLog as their TPV company. The study surveyed 122 telecommunications companies about their use of TPV, letters of authorization and other anti-slamming safeguards.

Other interesting points raised by the study include the growth in use of TPV, the positive opinion of TPV by telecommunications carriers and the belief by most companies that TPV is more effective in controlling slamming than signed letters of authorization, says VoiceLog.

“This study validates everything we’ve been doing for the past eight years”, said Jim Veilleux, President of VoiceLog. “It shows that when you put the client first, when you invest aggressively in new technology and strive constantly to keep costs under control, you can successfully displace much larger competitors and become the preferred choice of the clients you want to serve.”

VoiceLog offerings include: speech-recognition-based Free Speech TPV, Live! from VoiceLog live agent verification, Any Language on Earth language support, State-Specific Scripting, Dual Channel Recording and Web and e-mail-based. VoiceLog also provides VirtualLogger call center recording-related services, offering full-time and selective recording with no capital expenditure requirements, VirtualQC third party quality monitoring and scoring, transcription and long-term record archiving.

VoiceLog supports the agent community by verifiying all types of sales — telemarketing, door-to-door, Internet, MLM and so on, and the company’s agent program offers an ongoing residual on any referred business.

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