Voicecom Offers Fax Product Suite

Voicecom (Booth 623), a provider of call answering solutions for the business-to-business market, now is offering fax products. This suite, available through agents, includes FaxIN, an electronic mailbox that captures and directs incoming faxes to the subscriber’s e-mail account or makes them available for download to any fax machine; and Faxmit, a fax on demand service which allows subscribers to upload information that callers can then download to any fax machine.

"We strive to provide solutions that help our customers manage all of their inbound communications — from redirecting live calls to capturing important voice messages," says Kevin Moran, president and CEO of Voicecom. "By extending beyond voice technology to offer solutions for data communications we can address a wider spectrum of our clients’ needs."

Voicecom’s FaxIN solution offers a password-protected environment for customers to receive faxes. When information is sent to a FaxIN number it is delivered as a tiff attachment to the user’s email account. Additionally, a user can call his or her FaxIN number, log in and then direct a fax message to any fax machine. FaxIN ensures faxes are kept secure while eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing the information. The service can be purchased as a standalone solution or as an upgrade for customers that have Voicecom’s Classic or Deluxe Messaging service. Offered through a local DID and a toll-free number, FaxIN retails at $9.95 per month for the standalone service and is an additional $2 per month if purchased as an upgrade to the Classic or Deluxe voice messaging.

Voicecom’s Faxmit solution is a fax-on-demand service that allows subscribers to upload a fax which callers to the service can then direct to print to any fax machine. Faxmit is ideal for customers who receive multiple requests to send standard information to their customers such as maps, menus, order forms and rate sheets. Faxmit is offered through two different service plans. The first plan is a pay per page offer that retails at $19.95 per month and charges 10 cents per page. The second plan retails at $29.95 per month and includes 200 printed fax pages per month with excess printed faxes charged at 10 cents per page.

"We developed a comprehensive fax product suite so that we could provide solutions to customers in all of our different sales channels," says Frank Paterno, director of products at Voicecom. "Our wholesale partners can integrate a fax offering to their business voicemail customers, our property management customers are able to use Faxmit with their after-hours call answering solution and our corporate customers can reduce the amount of fax lines at their company by deploying FaxIN among employees."

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