Universal Access Introduces Intelligence Product Line

Universal Access (Booth 620), a communications network integrator, recently introduced a new line of products — UAInfo products — that provides exclusive network infrastructure intelligence designed to help carriers and service providers with network research, engineering, competitive analysis, and sales and marketing in the United States.

UAInfo is made up of three distinct products – UALATTIS, UAMap and UAData. The offering represents the first time the company’s proprietary network data has been made available to its customers, which include more than 120 U.S. and international telecom carriers, cable companies and government integrators, says the company. The product line is based on information extracted from the Universal Information Exchange (UIX) roadmap of the U.S. network infrastructure.

Developed over seven years at a cost of more than $20 million, the proprietary UIX database holds information from more than 400 information sources on capacity, availability, physical location and pricing of networks for more than 145 million locations in the United States, says Universal Access. In addition, it includes unique and valuable data on more than 1 million buildings, more than 70,000 buildings with competitive access and more than 50,000 buildings with installed fiber.

"The UIX is a goldmine of U.S. market network intelligence for carriers and service providers," says Universal Access CEO Randy Lay. "The UIX has been the foundation on which Universal Access has built its business. Over the years, we’ve received a steady stream of requests from a variety of customers — carriers, enterprises, systems integrators and industry analysts — for access to our information. Until now, we’ve only provided carriers with our flagship LATTIS product, the industry standard for tariff pricing. The release of UAInfo is our response in meeting the demand for additional network intelligence from our customers."

Universal Access says UAInfo Products will prove an intelligent solution whether it is a company or a service provider looking to expand into new markets and needs an accurate and complete network infrastructure roadmap; a government agency working on network disaster recovery strategies; an international carrier who is less familiar with the U.S. landscape and needs choices in domestic network providers; or a cable company needing to quickly learn about the competitive options available in various markets throughout the United States.

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