The Verification Co. Announces Spanish Live TPV

The Verification Company (Booth 611) now delivers live third-party verification (TPV) in Spanish from a professionally managed call center. The company says this enhancement is an effort to service firms that are marketing to the ever-growing Spanish-speaking population in the United States.

David Figueroa, vice president of business development, points out recent census data that show that, by 2005, 53 percent of all children in kindergarten will be Hispanic.

"We’ve had a large influx over the past several decades of families from Mexico, Central America and South America and there are very real cultural differences between the average American household and the household where Spanish is the main language. Hispanics tend to feel more comfortable speaking with a live verification agent in their native language rather than responding to a computerized voice regardless of script length, content or friendliness of the voice prompts," says Figueroa.

While the automated TPV delivered by the company has many advantages, such as zero hold times and a lower price, success can be significantly affected when automated verification is used in the Hispanic market, Figueroa says.

The Verification Company has been a provider of TPV services since 1994. They maintain an onsite, fully Web-enabled call center and employ the latest in technology to provide seamless integration of automated and live verifications, including the FCC-mandated "zeroing out to an operator," the company says.

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